Charles Bukowski
Confessions of a man insane enough to live with beasts. Fragments from a disorder see: Human Race.
1965 Illinois [Mimeo Press / Publishers of OLE] - First edition, limited to 500 copies. 52p. 21,5:14 cm. stapled
Mimeographed on variously colored paper.

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William Burroughs
Who is the walks beside you written 3rd. Contribution in Darazt, an anthology edited by Miles.
1965 London [Lovebooks Limited] - First edition, 500 numbered copies, this copy is unnumbered. 24p. 29:18 cm. Stapled.

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Fielding Dawson
Man Steps Into Space.
1965 New York [Shortstop Press] - First edition, 500 copies 8p. Stapled
Number 7 of a series called Different People. Cover by the author.

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James Joyce
The Mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies. A Fragment From Work in Progress.
1934 The Hague [The Servire Press] - First edition, limited to 1000 numbered copies. 77p. 24:16 cm.
With colourful cover illustration, initial letter and tailpiece designed by Lucia Joyce, the daughter of the author. Fine copy with the original transparent protection sleeve. In slipcase (with small hole).

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Jack Kerouac
Pull my daisy. Text ad-libbed by Jack Kerouac for the film by Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie, Introduction by Jerry Tallmer.
1961 New York/ London [Grove Press/ Evergreen Books] - First edition 72p. 20,5:13,5 cm. Softcover
Stamped name of former owner on French title page.

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Jack Kerouac
The Subterraneans
1958 New York [Grove Press, An Evergreen Original] - First edition 111p. 20,5:14 cm. Spine with small imperfections.

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