Stefan Themerson - Wooff Wooff - Demian
Stefan Themerson. Wooff Wooff or Who Killed Richard Wagner?

1951 London, Gaberbocchus Press, first edition, 19:12,5 cm. Original binding with wrappers (somewhat soiled). With drawings by Franciszka Themerson.

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Ira Cohen (and others). Gnaoua. Number one.
Ira Cohen (and others). Gnaoua. Number one.

Spring 1964 Tangier (=Antwerp…) No further issues were published.

With contributions by William Burroughs, Ian Summerville, Brion Gysin, Harold Norse, Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, J. Sheeper, Jack Smith, Marc Schleifer, Mohammed Ben Abdullah Yussifi, J. Weir, Stuart Gordon, Tatiana, and Alfred Jarry. Edited and published by Ira Cohen.

The Antwerp Publisher ‘Ontwikkeling’ took care of printing and distribution of this legendary underground magazine. A copy of Gnaoua is to be seen in Daniel Kramer’s photograph on the front cover of Bob Dylan’s record sleeve ‘Bringing it all back home’ (1965). Look for it on the mantelpiece!

This is the second edition (not stated) of Gnaoua that was printed in June 1964 and differs only from the first (April 1964) in two small text corrections on pages 87 and 101.

Excellent copy in mint condition.

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Sinclair Beiles / William Burroughs / Gregory Corso / Brion Gysin. Minutes to go.
Sinclair Beiles / William Burroughs / Gregory Corso / Brion Gysin. Minutes to go.

1960 Paris, Two Cities Editions, first edition, 63p. 21:13,5 cm.

Spine with small imperfections and discolouration. Provenance: collection Simon Vinkenoog.

Signed by Beiles, Burroughs and Corso and with two handwritten remarks by Burroughs: Under ‘Open Letter to Life Magazine’ (page 12) he wrote “by Sinclair Beiles”, and to his Cut-up text ‘Mao Tze’ (page 20) he added to the line ‘(fight fight talk talk… talk talk fight fight)’: “Fighting produces fighting./The response to talk/ is talk.”

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