Handschrift Bezette Stad - Demian Antwerpen

The original manuscript of Bezette Stad!

Categorie: Nieuws

We proudly announce our intermediary role in the sales of the original manuscript of Paul van Ostaijen’s ‘Bezette stad’. This piece is now part of the masterpieces in Flemish movable heritage.

‘The Holy Grail’ of Dutch language modern literature is, after 100 years, finally located and part of the public domain!

The importance of this piece is impossible to overrate: first and foremost, it’s a work of international reputation, fitting in the global context of avant-garde art.

Some fragments, such as the powerful ‘BOEM PAUKESLAG’, are part of our collective memory. There’s no other literary work in our language area that has been used for studies or publications as much, providing a lasting influence on generations of poets and readers.

“The manuscript of Bezette stad is hors catégorie. The book offers the most important literary processing of the ground shaking experience of the First World War, expressed in its graphic design. The design is – as opposed to almost all other literary manuscripts – an integral part of the content, and therefor of the meaning of the published book.”

(Geert Buelens, 20.2.2021 in ‘De Standaard’)