Miousic, Sélection, Paul-Gustave van Hecke, Géo Navez, Demian
Paul-Gustave van Hecke. Miousic.

Sept poèmes a la louange de la musique baroque. With seven drawings by Géo Navez. 1921 Bruxelles, Editions Sélection, first edition, one of 100 numbered copies on ‘Hollands van Gelder’. 45p. 33:23,5 cm. Unopened.

An early poetic work on Jazz music by one of the two directors of the important Belgian art periodical Sélection.

Although the titlepage mentions that the illustrations were hand coloured by the artist, most of the copies, like this one also, remained uncolored.

The eye-catching cover, printed in red and black, is filled with humorous advertisements that relate somehow to the poet’s habits and customs, providing the book with a dadaïstic look.

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