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Guy Schraenen. AXE

Revue 1-3 (all published). 1975-1976 Antwerpen, Guy Schraenen, limited to 500 copies, one of the 370  numbered regular copies, complete in original slip-case. 30,5:21,5 cm.

All contributions (in silk-screen, offset and letterpress on various papers) are presented in a sparkling variety: foldouts, collages, vinyl, separate booklets.

Each issue contains a 7-inch vinyl dedicated to sound poetry: Henri Chopin & Brion Gysin [Axe 1], Brion Gysin and François Dufrêne [Axe 2], Sten Hanson [Axe 3].

Roy Adzak, Eduard Bal, Antoine de Bary, Maurice Benhamou, Bram Bogart , Henri Chopin, Hugo De Clercq, Niko van Daele, Degottex, Jo Delahaut, Mirtha Dermisache, François Dufrêne, Esmeraldo, John Giorno, René Guiette, Brion Gysin, Sten Hanson, Bernard Heidsieck, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Françoise Mairey, Paul van Ostaijen, Plessi, Klaus Ritterbusch, L.J.P. Schelfhout, Ung No Lee.

Guy Schraenen’s amazing multimedia magazine in fine condition.

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Mirtha Dermisache, Diario no. 1, Guy Schraenen, Demian
Mirtha Dermisache. Diario No.1

1975 Anvers, Guy Schraenen éditeur, 8p. 26:47 cm., third edition of this newspaper inspired work, first edition to be published in Europe, one of 300 copies signed by the artist.

Artists’ book issued in folio size newspaper format. Mirtha Dermisache features here a particular style of asemic writing without grammar or syntax. She herself coined for her abstract writing the name graphisms. They have no informational remit, but preserve in this case the typotecture of the newspaper.

A powerful example of the écriture of Argentinian artist Mirtha Dermisache. Well preserved copy, no folds!

Mirtha Dermisache, Diario no. 1, Guy Schraenen, Demian

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