TYP, Max Kisman, Peter Mertens, Jan Dietvorst, Demian
TYP. Typografisch papier.

Amsterdam 1986-2021. A complete collection of this unconventional, critical and very sparkling Dutch typographic magazine. TYP was launched in 1986 by graphic artist Max Kisman as a birthday present for two of his close friends; Jan Dietvorst and Peter Mertens. Together they formed the illustrious ‘Genootschap Kunst & Macht’ (Art & Power Society).

Soon after the birthday party, ‘TYP issue A’ was printed for a larger audience. Editors Jan Dietvorst, Henk Groenendijk, Atte Jongstra, Max Kisman, Kees Maas and Peter Mertens’ mission was to declare war to the state of design, typography and taste of the Dutch aesthetic elite of the time. ‘We are our own future!’ (from the editorial of issue A).

Although TYP was first of all a printed magazine on paper, experimenting in a variety of formats and  printing techniques, other media were explored too. Thanks to ‘Media Master’  Peter Mertens, TYP had a pionering role in using electronic multi-media and became the first Dutch magazine to explore its role through the internet. To this day its content remains strikingly current.

Besides work of the editors, contributions by:

Jan Bons, Martin Bril, Bernadette Corstens, Wim Crouwel, Bram de Does, Martin Kaye, Gerrit Noordzij, Piet Schreuders, Ewald Spieker, Jan van Toorn, Gerard Unger, Peter Zegveld, and others!

TYP appeared in various forms and sometimes ephemere editions of which some are rarely to be traced. A nearly complete set of TYP is part of the collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Our set consists of 28 items all in fine condition. Detailed description on demand.

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